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West Texas Roundup 2021

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BahnCon began with check in in front of Schlitterbahn Galveston. We received our tickets, wristbands, a t-shirt, and sunglasses and then were escorted into the park to our reserved seating for the day.

After everyone had arrived, it was time for breakfast. The traditional Schlitterbahn catering was amazing, as always. We had a buffet of bisquits, sausage, gravy, bacon, eggs, fruit and more. After breakfast, we held the ACE Boogie Bahn Competition.

After the competition, we had just over an hour of ERT on Massiv, Infinity Racers, Screamin' Serpents, and Cliff Hanger.

The attendees then enjoyed the day in the park with other guests. During the day, people returned to the reserved seating area for water and to rest a little while. The park held small group tours. We were shown all the areas that Cedar Fair have been working on and given some clues of what is to come. At the end of the tour, the attendees could opt into a climb up the emergency stairway and catwalks of Massiv for an awesome photo opportunity.

Just before the park closed for the day, dinner was served in our reserved area. As always, there was so much food. Beef, chicken, potatos, mac n cheese, chicken nuggets, salad, rolls and more. After dinner we made some announcements and announced the winners of the ACE Boogie Bahn Competition. We then took our group photo. We then had birthday cake and ice cream to celebrate Schlitterbahn Galveston's fifteenth and Massiv's fifth birthdays.

After the park had cleared, we were led to the heated pool with swim up bar where adult beverages and soft drinks were available.

A great big thank you to Aaron, Angela, and the entire Schlitterbahn team for your hosting this amazing event!

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